How Long Do You Choose To Live?

James BlackerOne of the principles that our philosophy of life is ordered around is that of ‘maximising whatever it is that you have’. The purpose of this article is to define an essence of that mental attitude when applied to the issue of aging and longevity, just a simple mental notion, so that at the very least we each have a concept in our heads of what the ‘maximised’ approach to longevity requires.

I recently gave David a copy of Peter Ragnar’s book, ‘How Long Do You Choose To Live’. In it, Ragnar explains that his philosophy of a maximised lifespan, healthspan and pursuit of lifelong formidable strength is a ‘work in progress’ – he openly acknowledges that he doesn’t know how long he’ll live for, but that is the point, that if we ‘maximise everything it is that we have’, we’ll find out!

The premise Ragnar offers is that if you seek to remove all negativities from your body, if you seek to remove all negativities from your mind, then you get to see what, where and how far a human life can take you. And that is what a maximised approach to longevity looks like. Nothing more complex than that.

What might be a good starting point for achieving that? Observing, stalking and removing any negative beliefs we find we have and replacing them with positive, natural, empowering one’s is a great place to start. It’s something I’m doing all the time, probably shifting and improving at least 20 negative beliefs a day. It comes with practice of self-awareness and self-observation.

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