Aging and Physical Strength

h4Our blissfully simple core, or foundation of our philosophy for health and physical vitality throughout life is the principle of listening to the body, and of hearing the body, and the information being provided.

Many of these concepts and approaches are explored in depth in our audio presentational CD ‘Strength for Life’, in which I ask David about many areas of health, fitness, aging, function, and quality of life.

In this section of the website we present a series of introductions to five of the main subject areas of physical strength and vitality which we address in our work. You can listen to these as audio mp3 clips, and the transcripts for most of these extracts are also available for you to read. We start with the first page on Removing the Artificial Barriers.

Hearing the Body

shadow34“…this is what I try to do to my athletes, and its what I try to do with people at the (rehab) centre is to get them to listen to their body. Is to get them to hear what’s going on, and respond to that. And its actually fascinating, not because it’s my body, but because it’s everybody’s body. There are things happening and we can make a difference.” More…

Truths About Aging

In this section we ask what the truth of the matter is when we hear people say “Look, you should take things easy at your time of life”? Should people exercise less heavily or less intensely simply as a matter of course? An insight and understanding of the answers to this and similar questions will give everyone a useful and considerable benefit. Click here for the relevant audio track…

Artificial Barriers

Here, we look at the keys to a long, active, healthy fit life. “Most human beings work below capacity, most of us, me included, work below capacity, and the first thing is to get rid of that nonsense.” Click here to read on…

About Muscles

In this clip we discuss the importance of balanced musculature and briefly touch on how muscles work. The mp3 audio clip itself is on David’s Team Fitness website, and so you can also get an insight into his work in this area by visiting this site. More…

Optimising Function

shadow42During the nineties and first few years of the 21st century, the NRCP – National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed, pioneered the use of exercise therapy for the purposes of rebuilding and regaining function.

As its founder and chief executive, David worked with other pioneers across Europe, gaining some unique insights into the field, and achieving some tremendous results along the way.

In this audio clip we discuss the benefits of one of those regimes, passive exercise. More…

“One of the things that was staggering about Dikoul’s approach was that they work even paralysed muscles, even if the work is passive…” – David Heard