Muscles and Balanced Musculature

shadow5For all of us, be we professional atheletes, individuals on a regime of exercise therapy, or all of us as we are all sportspeople in the field of ADL (Activities for Daily Living), the concept of balanced musculature is a useful recognition.

It is particularly useful for getting to know your body and how it works. It is also useful for understanding and avoiding injuries. Here, as an example, we consider injuries to footballers, and why they often get hamstring injuries.

In this audio clip, David explains that if we are going to work on our muscles, if we want balanced musculature, we have to address both opposites of each set of muscles.

In a later clip he also points out that all muscles have opposites except for the muscles in the eye.

As with all other messages for strength and wellbeing, this practice is applied, as always, alongside the principle of listening to the body and responding to that.

For this particular message you can hear the mp3 audio clip at the Team Fitness website, which is the website for the organisation which David runs working with elite sportspeople and athletes.

You can click on the link below to go to the appropriate page on the Team Fitness website to launch this audio track.


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