David Heard

David Heard.

David Heard.

It stands to reason that if you are going to seek someone’s opinion on a particular subject, you’ll want to know a bit about how qualified they are to do so. This section will give you an insight into all of David’s activities and projects over the years, and the relevance they now have for the Strength for Life presentations. For as the saying goes, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

David first demonstrated his ability to think “outside the box” when he founded the unique travel company, Club 18-30, in the sixties. This was at a time when there was no provision of specific holidays for young people. He developed the concept, built it into a formidable brand and then successfully sold it on to a major company. Since then he has again been able to demonstrate this ability to pioneer projects as one of the founders of The National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed, Team Fitness (part of The Fitness Consultancy) and Sportability.

Today he is active as chief executive of both this British registered charity and the training company. Also in that time he has worked on such projects as the Leadership Trust, the Academy of Sport and Exercise Sciences, and on initiatives to do with corporate wellness, ageing, weight management, and, well, I am still finding out more… Read David’s full biography.

The Million Metre Challenge

shadow60One of the main reasons why he is “the man to talk to” when it comes to ageing and strength for life is the example of this philosophy and ethos put into practice when he undertook a cycle expedition to ride a thousand kilometres around Vietnam – at the age of sixty-two! This journey was completed with the purpose of helping Sportability to raise the seedcorn funding required to develop seven new regional centres of operation thereby allowing the charity to offer their programmes and activities across the country. More…

About James

Meet Strength for Life’s co-founder, James Blacker, who’s initial idea of recorded audio presentations with a series of experts in their various fields led to the first Strength for Life CD’s being recorded. “Perhaps the most useful insight that I have been able to bring to the table for the Strength for Life programme is that I know what questions I want answers to, and that I have a fair idea of the kind of thing that everyone else would also like to hear about..” More…

sport4The charity we are both involved in – Sportability

David and I are both involved with the charity Sportability. David was one of the founding members and holds the position of Chief Executive. I was previously involved as the organisation’s online promoter and website manager, and am now a general supporter.

The purpose of Sportability is to provide sport and adventurous activities for people with all forms of paralysis. The credo of the charity is, “Taking the ‘dis’ out of disability” and the underlying aim is to leave participants with a new mindset and the powerful thought: “If I can do this, what else can I achieve?”. More…

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  • July 29, 2009
  • Having spent three years developing the Strength for Life offering, David and I are now delighted to be offering this particular project through the collective effort of the Whole Life Whole World Integral Wisdom Movement.

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