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shadow67“June is when the hard work put in during the Winter really starts counting. The bodies are no longer as fresh as they were, there may be a few injuries around, and we all know how important it s to perform well in this month. Fortunately our fitness trainers have done a fantastic job in the off season (I can vouch for that now!), and we are still playing consistently.” – Andy Strauss, England and Middlesex County Cricket Club, speaking of Team Fitness.

From the rehabilitation of individuals with Spinal Cord Injury we move to the fulfilment of potential of elite athletes and sports men and women. In this quote above, emerging English cricketing legend, Andy Strauss, talks about the benefit of working with fitness specialists Team Fitness, of which David is the chief executive. David has worked personally with Andy and the other members of the Middlesex team over the past four seasons and continues to do so.

In the area of high performance sport and athletics, David has a rare blend of experience and qualification. A long involvement with sport, which started with selection as a schoolboy international cross-country runner and continues to this day through extreme skiing, has kept him aware of the needs and drives of elite athletes.

His almost obsessive interest in all aspects of fitness training, physical and mental development embraces qualifications in coaching (skiing and weight-training), specialist soft tissue work – Bowen Therapy (Australia and Europe) – sport and remedial massage, exercise therapy and sports rehabilitation, psychometrics and nutritional consultancy.

On the Team Fitness website, sports coaches and others can see the measurable gains that benefit as a result of Team Fitness’s involvement. They can also listen to an audio clip from ‘Strength for Life’ in which David talks about muscle imbalances and explains why so many sportspeople get injuries in this way, using an example of why so many footballers pick up needless hamstring injuries. And they can read testimonials from such greats as Pat Nevin and John Emburey.

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  • July 29, 2009
  • Having spent three years developing the Strength for Life offering, David and I are now delighted to be offering this particular project through the collective effort of the Whole Life Whole World Integral Wisdom Movement.

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