Career Paths

shadow50This whole area of career paths, or even life paths, provides a wonderful opportunity for improvement in our collective quality of life, as with just a little bit of focus, attention and forethought we can see opportunities for greater satisfaction and creative input in our roles.

We may also be able to resolve an unhappy situation.

Here, David and I continue our discussion on the subject of career paths and also of the spiritual fulfillment that may quite rightly come with that, whatever the activity may be.

The transcript is taken from track 11 of the ‘Happiness’ double audio CDs, entitled ‘The seeds of much unhappiness’.

Key: JB = James Blacker, DH = David Heard.

DH: Well the whole culture is driven like that. If you think of society and the way it works, it is driven by categorisation. So that we are, from a very early age, being shoe-horned into certain directions – We’re a builder, we’re a… we work in medicine, or we’re a shop-keeper, or a banker, etc. And so you start to be pushed into a career from a very early age, which, actually, in many many cases, and you and I are both living examples of this, were not the right choices ever. They were not the right choices that were made for us, but they were made on some arbitrary science; ‘Well, i think he’s good with…

JB: ‘Good with numbers, he’ll be an accountant.’

DH: Absolutely. And so people are steered… almost imperceptibly they’re steered by their schools, by their parents, by their parents frustrated ambitions for themselves, they want their son or daughter to do better…

… And so people get steered into a way of life, and its very difficult to actually kick against that.

… And therein lie the seeds of so much unhappiness, where people are actually being shoe-horned into careers that they don’t really want, they don’t want to be part of it, but it’s so difficult to break out of that. Especially when you don’t have a clear idea of why you want to break out. You just have a nagging feeling that you do.


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