Emotional Rewards

shadow35This particular transcript highlights a valuable understanding that we can each master as to the truth of the matter that we are each in control of our own happiness and emotions.

This is divorced from the incorrect, yet common notion that other people have the ability to determine our emotions for us, or that they govern and dictate them by their views and choices.

The transcript is taken from track 21 of the ‘Happiness’ double audio CDs, entitled ‘The source of our own happiness’.

Key: JB = James Blacker, DH = David Heard.

DH: It comes from self. It’s this situation where… take a negative turn on that… where someone is affected by another person, a second party. Some action they did, or some thought they thought.

Now you say, ‘How can that affect you?’ Materially, it can’t affect you. They haven’t cut you with a knife, they haven’t punched you, they haven’t hit you with a stick. They thought something about you. The only way that can affect you is if you allow it to affect you. It cannot affect you any other way. In other words, that person is not doing anything to you. They’re not doing anything. Only you are doing something to you. What you are doing to you is you’re allowing the negative thought about what that person says, to affect you. They aren’t doing it.

Now, that’s a difficult concept for a lot of people, that, actually I am totally self-sufficient. That I can choose not to let that thought in. We can choose not to be affected by these things… In terms of thought, approach, attitude, we can choose not to be affected.


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