Relationship with Self

shadow14In this very short, yet very powerful transcript taken from track 16 of the ‘Happiness’ presentation, we touch on a couple of the key distinctions, with a message of both individuality, and of a grounding, or foundational base for real love.

These themes are, of course, interlinked with all the others of which we are presenting here. They are all really part of the same equation, as a good relationship with self includes living in the moment. It includes embracing one’s potential. And it includes selecting fulfilling roles, listening to your body, and so on and so forth.

The transcript is taken from track 16 of the ‘Happiness’ double audio CDs, entitled ‘Where the roots of happiness lie’.

Key: DH = David Heard.

DH: We are a group. But that doesn’t mean that we therefore have to absolutely pay total hommage to this idea of what people think of us, and what society thinks of us. We must escape that tyranny. We must start to be ourselves as indiviudals. And the roots of happiness lie in that. Very clearly, they lie in first and foremost in being true to yourself. It sounds like the creed of the selfish. It’s not. It’s not saying egocentricity is all. But you can’t love somebody else unless you start by loving yourself. Because how can you… where do you go from?! The only thing you have is you. The only thing we have in its entirety is ourselves. And we have to be true to that. Once we know, and understand, and appreciate that…. and that last word is important – appreciate, who we are, only then can we start to interact properly with other people.


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