Self Belief

shadow10In the following transcript we explore the source of a genuine, quiet, and assured self belief.

Through a series of self-directed questions we can examine the foundations of our own life, and what we stand for, and make sure that our actions and thoughts are in line with this.

Self belief is a shadow line, and different people work with it to many different degrees, so any work on, or focus toward the question of self belief and of being true to self will always bear fruit.

The transcript is taken from track 26 of the ‘Happiness’ double audio CDs, entitled ‘Foundations based on truth and reality’.

Key: JB = James Blacker, DH = David Heard.

JB: Is that the core of strength for life? Is that the basis of it?

DH: The strength comes from the foundations that I keep referring to. If your foundation is based on truth and reality, that is an inherent strength. That is your core strength.

You have to look into yourself and say ‘What do I truly believe about this? What is important to me? Is it important to me to do x, y or z in life?’ What is important to me? Now it sounds very selfish, very self-centered, but I make no apology for that, ‘cos I think you have… where else will you start?! You have to start with yourself by saying, ‘What is important to me in life? What are the things that I… what are my core values, that I really believe in?’ And they’re not neccessarily.. I’m not talking about religion here, i’m talking about the core values – what are the things that I want to judge myself against? And so, integrity, I’d like to treat people a certain way, I like to believe that I can treat people a certain way, I like to believe that I will be honest in my dealings with people, and fair and just. These are the core values. Now, what you said is, ‘is that the way you get the strength to go forward?’ That is the only way. This is the foundation of everything else you’re going to do. That will then be the basis on everything else that you do in life.


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