Personal Fulfillment

shadow4Perhaps one of the most sought after, and, bizarrely enough, hugely neglected considerations in modern life is the prime importance of a sense of personal fulfillment.

Be that considered a spiritual fulfillment, or simply an inner sense of belonging, happiness, or personal fulfillment, many people have forgotten that this was originally their unmodified and unadulterated primary wish.

A reliance and mostly media-conditioned pre-occupation with things like money, status, and approval, and the almost inexplicable (and, of course, impossible) pursuit of self-acceptance from sources outside of the ’self’, has led largely to a sense of disconnection, misunderstanding and frustration amongst individuals all around the world.

Fortunately, this is a state of play which is now being addressed as people become more and more aware of the need for, and wisdom of pursuing fulfillment first and foremost, focusing primarily on their own inner sense of fulfillment and happiness, whereas we were previously caught up in the trap of wanting to finish the journey first, perhaps to gain acceptance, before we understood or enjoyed it.

In this clip we examine some examples of some of the things we do which sabotages or goes against this most natural of states.

We also touch on an explanation of what David calls ‘The Tyranny of the Template’.

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