The Model of Self

shadow23The foundation of our philosophy for personal power, success, happiness and wellbeing is the Model of Self.

Within this we include a commitment to listening to, knowing, and responding with our self as the only way we find the inner strength and peace of mind we are looking for.

This involves the practice of being true to oneself and one’s own values, feelings, desires and wishes, and behaving in a way which expresses our true selves and our true natures as we wish them to be expressed, beyond simply conforming to what we think we must be and do.

All of this can be much less of a given than we might have first thought, as we perhaps might not be aware of the degree to which we do bend who we are, or are acting oftentimes out of social conditioning or habit, or what society, or people in our families and friends, etc, expect of us.

It can also, though, be all too glaringly obvious to some of us, as, for one reason or another, we struggle to find the way to be what, as, and who we wish to be.

A further aspect of being true to self includes living with the innate feeling, or inner awareness, that we are actually without barriers and limitations, other than those which we impose on ourselves.

As with the principle of listening to and responding to the body for optimum physical wellbeing, this too is a somewhat forgotten art form, innate to all of us, but which we can all develop and use for ever greater levels of expression and benefit. It carries with it the same opportunity for embracing our potential for maximum wellbeing.

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