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lc4mWhy Life Coaching with David Heard?

Life Coaching is a very personal interaction – basically a series of 1-on-1 conversations designed to assist you, the client, with re-shaping your life. Therefore the choice of LIfe Coach is paramount to your success.

What I can offer, apart from very professional qualified training, is the experience of a life fully lived. There’s a working-class background and its base values, and on to a well-rounded, self-managed education – through the discipline of a Master’s degree, plus many and varied coaching and training courses. The world of commerce and the creation of several businesses and a very successful charity. The experience of living in three other countries, apart from my native UK. A continuing quest in the pursuit of professional excellence, and a lust for life. This makes me who I am and this is what I bring to the Life Coaching table. About David Heard.

As your Coach I’ll be there to encourage and support you, to question you, to listen to you, to cajole, push, persuade and certainly, at times, challenge you.

But you should also know that for the duration of our working relationship I will believe in you completely, focus on you, your goals and your abilities. I won’t judge you, or tell you what you should do.

One of the most powerful aspects of Life Coaching is to recognise that only you can know what you should do. But I will make suggestions, offer ideas, help you to keep focused and motivated, and give you the benefit of my expertise to recognise and achieve that.

For me Life Coaching is the rudder of the ship, it steers without leading and is more efficient when it is out of sight.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

Above all my aim is to help you achieve the goals you set in the quest to make your life more complete and satisfying. It will at times be frustrating, challenging, possibly perplexing, occasionally uncomfortable, but ultimately exciting and rewarding.



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  • Having spent three years developing the Strength for Life offering, David and I are now delighted to be offering this particular project through the collective effort of the Whole Life Whole World Integral Wisdom Movement.

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