How Does it Work?

lc4mThe process is a series of confidential conversational sessions, each lasting 45-60 minutes, by phone, or face to face.

These sessions usually happen weekly, but I have clients who take sessions fortnightly, or monthly dependent on their needs and commitments.

Each case is unique, but I’ve found that the minimum number of sessions to effect any real change is four, with a first-time maximum of 12.

Thereafter, we continue or we may not see each other again; or there maybe phone or e-mail contact and perhaps a second set of maybe just one or two sessions.

I have one client who has been with me for four years now. A first set of 12 sessions; a break of one year with just a couple of phone calls and e-mails; then a set of three sessions per year for the past two years.

The first session will normally be longer as we establish: what is really important to you in your life; what you would like to change; what you want to increase e.g. joy, contentment, fulfilment; what you want to decrease e.g. stress, frustration, anger; and what needs to happen to achieve what you want in your life.

Three fundamental questions!

  • Are you living the fulfilled life you want?
  • Have you met all you ambitions, needs and wants?
  • Have you achieved, or are you en route to achieving, your full potential?

If you can answer “yes” to all three, then you certainly don’t need Life Coaching.


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