What’s Involved in a Session?

lc4mExactly what we do and what is discussed depends on the individual client, the issues we are working on, the changes they want to make, where we are in that process, the progress they’ve made, and the tasks that they have undertaken.

But there are some constants:

  • The sessions, and any related paperwork, are always kept completely confidential.
  • Although the approach is informal, relaxed and friendly, you may sometimes find yourself challenged and outside of your comfort zone. This will always be driving you towards a positive outcome.
  • As your Life Coach my job is not to tell you what to do, but to explore with you the changes and new directions you want pursue; and to guide you towards them.
  • By asking you considered and careful questions and by listening to you objectively and non-judgementally we will find new perspectives on, and a greater understanding of, your life.
  • Maintaining a professional approach, and invoking all of my training, will allow you to discuss personal issues openly and in confidence.

At the end of each session you will have a series of tasks. They may include thinking about something that bothers you in a different way, trying a new approach at work, re-thinking your career, making some time for yourself socially, re-connecting with your family or contacting old friends, perhaps simply keeping notes of your day to day feelings, ideas and moods.

Whatever the tasks, we will have agreed them mutually.

They will certainly be relevant to, and taking you towards, your goals, meeting your needs and fulfilling your ambitions.

“Life Coaching is the rudder of the ship – it steers without leading and is more efficient when it is out of sight.” – David Heard

We might confer by phone during the week or you may prefer to simply go away and do the business.

We will work out a format that suits you and your personality, your style, your methods best.


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